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Dhaara Network Server

• LoRaWAN® - 1.1.x
• ABP/OTAA support
• Gateway Management
• User Managment
• Secure
• Hosting - OnPremise / Cloud

Dhruv IOT Platform

• Device Management
• Data Collection
• Data processing
• Visualisation
• Machine Learing and AI


Indoor Positioning System

• Real-time Indoor Navigation
• Better facility management
• Gain insights into consumers
• Proximity Messaging Marketing
• Personalize offers
• Integrate customer loyalty schemes
• Optimize store layout


Low-Power Wide-Area Network ( LPWAN in short ) is a type of wireless network designed to allow long-range communications at low data rates  with Gateways  and sensors. 

The potential of LPWAN is huge. As per market research reports more than 20 billion of IoT devices will available by 2020 and a large portion will be connected with LPWAN.

LPWAN categorised into two, using a licenced and unlicenced frequencies and includes proprietary or open standard options.The licensed frequencies NB - IOT and LTE - M, these technologies are liter versions of existing cellular infrastructure and the very reason for faster adoption with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) across the world.

Unlicensed LPWANs are several , but biggest and most prominent player is LoRaWAN®. LoRa® is Semtech trademark,physical RF layer, which defines physical RF communication with chirp spread spectrum modulation technology. LoRaWAN® is protocol designed by LoRa® Alliance which is open global technology alliance.

DevAppSol Network products multiple layers for compatibility between devices, networks and applications also being updated with the best practices around the world. This protocol provides open ecosystem and enables users to reach many different applications and hardware compatible to each other.


LoRaWAN® (Long Range Wide Area Network) defines the communication proto-col and system architecture for a LoRa® network and the LoRa is physical layer enables the long-range communication link. LoRa technology enables interope-rability of devices and networks.

LoRaWAN® advantages over other wireless communication technologies in dep-loyment flexibility and solution spectrum. LoRaWAN allows deployment of fully iso-lated and secure private networks. Being Open standard LoRaWAN works with the variety of vendors to provide industrial and consumer grade sensors, gateways, trackers and supplementary devices for the most business applications. Switching between privately owned and public gateways is seamless and this approach makes it highly scalable with low cost.

Key Features 

• Long Distance Connectivity
• Low Power
• Deep Penetration
• Secure
• RF Unlicensed Spectrum
• Low Data Rates


Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Bluetooth Smart, is a wireless personal area network technology designed to provide reduced power consumption and cost as com-pared with Classic Bluetooth even while maintaining a similar communication range.

Key Features 

• Low Power Wireless Technology
• Especially for Short-range Communication
• Ideal for situations where battery life is favoured over data transfer speed
• Used for sensor data, control of devices, and low bandwidth applications
• BLE makes the gadgets smarter by promising them compact, affordable and least complexity


NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) radio technology standard developed to enable a wide range of devices and services to be connected using cellular telecommunication bands. It is one of a range of Mobile IoT (MIoT) connectivity technologies standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) which also includes enhanced Machine-Type Communication (eMTC or LTE Cat M1) and EC-GSM-IoT particularly designed to fit Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications..

Key Features 

• Global Reach
• Wider Deployment 
• Reliability 
• Security


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